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We started this journey in 2003 as part of “Origens”, a chain of restaurants that were set up by family members. This chain were a Catalan gastronomic space which opened with the aim to serve traditional recipes. It was from here that the owners Carlos and Victor with the help of their parents Antonio Puche and Isabel Fita immersed themselves in the world of restaurants and hospitality.

Some years later in 2012, the chef Carlos Puche accompanied by the chefs Jordi Ballester and Silvis Rojas formed the team of a new restaurant called Mixtel·la. Here they produced creative dishes always using fresh, local market produce.

In January 2013 with the great experience of Mixtel·la, they started to focus on the family restaurant and it was here that 9 Granados was born.

9 Granados is a fusion of Mediterranean cuisine with world influences and, delicious tapas. We adapt our menu seasonally.

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At the heart of the kitchen restaurant is Carlos; his passion is cooking, and is always searching for new ideas, textures or flavors.  In front of house, there is Victor,  attentive to the needs of the customer and responsible for service.

The brothers work together to design the menu according to the season and personalize the requirements of each customer so that the experience is unique for each person.

All of this would not be possible without the excellent and professional team that we have working with us.

Head chef Celia Sanchez-Valdepeñas, Fernanda Intriago, Ivone Mero, Doris Martínez, Safir Hamed, Elvis Valenzuela and Hamid Raza..

Hugo Puig, Pol Miquel and Dafne Perez managing the restarurant, accompanied by Victor Gorriti, Soledad Canciello, Franchesco Franchi, Denise Miceli, Rosa Pages and Javier Páramo.

A special mention to Antonio Puche and Isabel Fita and Pablo Puche who as well as taking care of the internal administration side of the business are the pillars behind 9 Granados.

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restaurante, 9 Granados, tapas