huevos estrellados, 9 Granados, menú, tapas





Oven baked vegetables  caramelized goat cheese and our homemade romesco sauce 

Caesar salad with chicken breast, parmiggiano, croutons and our homemade dressing

Mixed-greens salad with avocado, orange, walnuts & honey-mustard vinaigrette 

Tomato salad with tuna fillet, spring onion, olives and extra virgin olive oil

Tomato and mango gazpacho (cold traditional summer soup) with prawns 

Crunchy filo roll, with melted taleggio cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olive patê and arugula

Homemade fresh italian pasta sauteed with arugula & fresh basil pesto sauce

Estrelladosfried organic eggs with iberian ham, foie gras shavings and slim fries (plus 1€)

Braised organic vegetables with our homemade romesco sauce  (plus 1€)

Canelloni stuffed with roast meat, mushrooms, bechamel and red bellpepper compote  (plus 2€)


Pulpo a la gallega, pulpo a feira, pulpo a la parrilla




Argentinian veal steak grilled with potatoes, peppers and sweet wine cheese sauce  

Pig trotter terrine with roasted manchego cheese, mushrooms and potatoes

Slow cooked veal with potatoes puré, chips of cassava and spanish sauce

Steak tartar with crunchy parmiggiano, quail egg and crostini (served raw)

Beetroot and soy veggie burger with mustard-mayonnaise and goat cheese

Lamb stewed at low temperature with a potato parmentier, rosemary glazing sauce  and mushrooms  (plus 2€)

Duck magret, grilled wit cocoa sand, rustic potato and miso sauce

Porck ribs cooked at 80º with homemade barbecue sauce and our french fries

Ceviche 9 Granados Peruan style, with sea bass, cilantro, onion and banana chips (plus 1,5€)

Red tuna tataki with vegetables couscous, pistachio praline and ponzu sauce (served raw)  (plus 2€)                                

Fresh sea bass fillets grilled in a Donostiarra style with potato in confit


Tarta de zanahoria, carrot cake, postres, delicioso, carta, restaurante, 9 Granados



Catalan cream brulé  

Coconut Flan   

Creamy yogurth with mango coulis

Ice cream ( 2 scoops ) ask for the daily flavours

Chocolate cake with caramelised milk 

Carrot cake with cheese cream and nuts

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Home made chocolate truffles with sweet wine

 Chocolate coulant with nougat ice cream  (plus 1€)

Cheese cake with red fruits sauce   (plus 1€)

Lemon pot Pie with cookies crumble  (plus 0,5€) 

Change your dessert for any kind of coffe